About us 猪鵲抬

Active Energy, Decisive Innovation and Drivable Future
Are our core values and three foundations for success.
Technology is our unique competence.
More than 30 years experience on precise parts design, development and manufacturing, leads Ke Chiuan to innnvate continuously in the bicycle component markets.
LGSM Group
1974 LGSM was established.
Focused on manufacturing highly precise parts for sewing machine markets.
1993 Started to produce precise molds and injecting high quality plastics and metal parts for electronics markets.
1996 Ke Chiuan Technology Corp. was established.
Focused on new technologies research and development for LGSM group.
2000 Ke Chiuan started to develop and manufacture bicycle parts for brake system.
2002 Began to get ABS Brake shoes patents in Asia, USA and Europe.
2008 Awarded the Champion of Braking System on The Annuallnnovative Bicycle, Parts and Accessories Competition Award.
2010 Award GoldPin Design Mark.
2010 Award Good Design Award.
2011 Accomplished Mountain Bike V-Brake ABS System and pass SGS Test
2011 Awarded Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart – GoldMetal.
2011 Accoplished RoadBike C-Brake ABS System and pass SGS Test
2012 Taiwan Excellence Award
2012 Awarded GoldMetal for TAIPEICYCLE D&I awards 2010
2012 Awarded 19th Taiwan Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Award.